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Myanmar has opened its borders in 2012 to reveal one of the most culturally preserved Asian country. From floating villages, to valleys of ancient temples, to multi-day jungle treks into mountain tea picking villages, Myanmar offers a bounty of beauty and welcomes travellers with open arms.

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The best time to go to Myanmar is between November and February when the weather is dry and mild. March to May is also dry but very hot, while the rainy season lasts roughtly from June to October.
Travellers can easily obtain a visa online if from these 100 countries. The process is fast and approval is normally granted in less than  3 working days.
Myanmar is the second largest country in SE Asia and one of the most diverse countries in the world, with over 135 ethnic groups with distinct traditions, costumes and food. Distances are far and there are so many things to do that a 3-week trip would be the ideal amount of days to fully experience the country.
American dollars and local kyat can both be used, but be aware that USD need to be unfolded, uncreased and newer than 2006. ATMs charge a small commission per withdrawal, and they have a maximum withdrawal limit. We sporadically have had problems withdrawing money, having some cash as backup can be a good idea.
In order to stay connected, we recommend to get a Telenor Sim Card. Last time we were in the country, the card was $1 and a top up of 2.5GB $3.


Yangon, full of crumbling, colourful Colonial facades side by side modern high-rises and buddhist temples. Chaotic but scooter free, it can be overwhelming but it is also the first window into the country, a great example of how the old and new are mixing together, a first taste of the culture, food, pagodas, markets, and friedliness of people.
Small and sleepy Hpa An with its lush green rice fields, limestone mountains and stunning caves. This little hidden gem is filled with friendly faces, rural markets, long hikes and all the charm of a quaint place where you’ll likely be (one of) the only tourist around.
Sprawling and beautiful Inle Lake, tucked into a valley surrounded by green hills, irrigation waterways, and farms. Perfect for wandering around stilted overwater villages and see how the local people work in the floating gardens or on their fishing boats.
Gorgeous Bagan, often referred to as the Angkor Wat of Myanmar, home to more than 2200 temples. Experience an amazing sunrise floating in a hot air balloons in between them, the view over the ruin is truly magic.
Busy Mandalay with its contrast of towering concrete buildings and traffic congested streets against some of the most beautiful monasteries and pagodas in the country.
Ngapali Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, the perfect place to end a Myanmar experience with some Vitamin Sea!

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