A wonderfully diverse country

A land of wonders

With over 17,000 islands spanning from South East Asia across to Oceania, Indonesia holds in itself an astonishing array of landscapes, cultures, plants, animals, arts and customs. Except from Bali, most of it is highly undertouristed, a destination that still holds incredible and pristine places to discover.

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Jewels of Raja Ampat

A luxury cruise in one of ‘the world’s last paradise’, stunning Raja Ampat

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Popular and charming Bali fascinates travellers with its green hills and mountains, dramatic coastlines, pounding surf breaks, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides – not to mention its colourful, deeply spiritual and unique culture.

But there’s much more for the adventours traveller to discover In Indonesia: the tiny and irresistible Gili Islands; lush and wild Lombok; amazing diving off Flores and Raja Ampat (just to name 2 of the many world-class diving spots); Java majestic volcanoes; wonderful surf breaks scattered all over the country; the list is so long it would be hard to put it all here.

Travel to Indonesia can cover everyhting in between the classic island getaway to the adventure of a lifetime. In need of an in-depth yoga retreat? A luxury sailing cruise led by a marine biologist? A trekking trip to discover a blue fire lake?

Indonesia got it all. What is your dream vacation like? Contact us to know how to live it in stunning Indonesia.

Travel Tips

The best time to travel to Indonesia is during the dry season, roughly from May to September. During this period the days are hot and dry, while the nights are pleasantly mild. This is the best weather for scuba diving, exploring, hiking, surfing, and lazy days at the beach. The wet season goes from October to April, when travellers will be likely to experience tropical downpours, and hot-humid weather all around.
Citizens of 169 countries can visit Indonesia without a visa for 30 days, while all other nationals need to apply for visa on arrival or obtain a visa from one of the Indonesian diplomatic missions. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months as well as a valid return ticket.
Credit card are widely accepted in tourist areas and there are plenty of ATMs in popular destinations, but less so in more remote areas. It is always advisable to withdraw from an ATM located within a bank as card skimming is unfortunately quite common. The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah and the only currency that is accepted cash.
Internet connectivity is widespread in tourist areas, almost every cafe and restaurant in Bali provides free wifi. As you get away from most popular destinations, coverage gets spotty. Travellers can easily stay connected by purchasing a local SIM card with data.

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