Benesse House

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    Benesse House

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    Benesse House is a facility based on the concept of coexistence among nature, architecture, and art. The Museum, incorporating a museum and a hotel, opened in 1992, and offers outstanding accommodation, plus a restaurant, cafe, spa and shop open to the general public. Contemporary art is displayed not only within the Museum galleries, but also in all parts of the buildings and surrounding area. Guests can engage with artworks everywhere they go, digest the experience at leisure in their rooms, and emerge to be inspired by art once more. The complex, intended to blend increasingly into the natural environment of Setonaikai National Park as the years go by, was entirely designed by Tadao Ando. It is meant to be appreciated with the entire body, with long ramps, stairs, and passages to traverse, and with natural light from outside pouring in through apertures, weaving together the indoors and outdoors. We love staying in the Beach Suite, located right next to the Inland Sea, a spacious room full of light surrounded by the sound of gently lapping waves. The sightlines from the guestrooms match the surface of the Inland Sea, creating the impression that you are floating on the sea.

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    An outstanding museum hotel, incorporating elegant guestroom and space for display of contemporary art

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