Apart Hotel Sunrise 4*

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    Apart Hotel Sunrise 4*

    About the Hotel

    Get away from it all for 3 days of pure relaxation and underwater discovery.
    Lay back on a pristine beach, fringed by lush vegetation and washed by the azure waters of the Andaman sea.
    Board a private speedboat to spend a romantic day on the ocean snorkeling and enjoying the luxury of sailing the unbeaten track.
    Pamper yourself to spa treatments and massages that will wash away all the stress accumulated in the past months.

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    Classy Frontiers chauffeur will wait for you at the exit gate of Phuket Airport to provide a hassle free transportation to the Dewa Phuket.
    Check in and be shown to your pool villa, a spacious and exquisitely decorated villa with outdoor bath, garden and private pool…
    Relax in your private pool or on the beach, just 2 minutes walk away. Nay Yang Beach is idyllically located in a secluded bay, set amidst the Sirinath National Park.

    The soft golden beach gives way to the shimmering turquoise waters which are protected by a reef some few hundred meters out to sea, affording bathers the luxury of safe swimming all year round. The park lush vegetation gets right on the beach – here, shadowed by the trees and in sight of the glimmering see, Classy Frontiers will have a nice picnic be arranged for you. And for tonight we’d like to suggest you to go try some of the lovely beach side restaurants and bar, located at a short walk away from you hotel – great food and atmosphere are guaranteed!

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    et away from it all for 3 days of pure relaxation and underwater discovery.

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