Our Destinations


Japan is one of the most amazing countries to experience, a combination of ancient and ultra-modern where history lives alongside high-tech and development. From bustling Tokyo and cuture-rich Kyoto to chilled Okinawa and snowy Hokkaido, Japan entices visitors with its delicious food, gorgeous temples and shrines, zen gardens, lush national parks, and rich culture.


Myanmar has opened its borders in 2012 to reveal one of the most culturally preserved Asian country. From floating villages, to valleys of ancient temples, to multi-day jungle treks into mountain tea picking villages, Myanmar offers a bounty of beauty and welcomes travellers with open arms.


17,000 islands and an astonishing array of landscapes, cultures, plants, animals, arts and customs: welcome to Indonesia, an incredible destination to discover.

Sri Lanka

A country of diverse landscapes, endless beaches and verdant jungle, delicious food, pumping surf, incredible wildlife, ancient temples and ruins, and some of the loveliest & most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.


With over 7000 islands and approximately 36000 kilometers of beautiful coastline, the Philippines are a paradise of stunning landscapes and wildlife, the perfect destination for a trip you’ll never forget.


Gorgeous Thailand has it all: picture-perfect islands to hop in between, fascinating cities, stunning nature, rich culture and history, and delicious cuisine. Welcome to the land of smiles.