I’m Annalisa, the mind and the eye behind Classy Frontiers. I’m Italian and I have lived and travelled in Asia for about 20 years: you could say I have fallen in love with this part of the world and have dedicated myself to discover its beauty.

The inspiration behind Classy Frontiers comes from countless trips, the curiosity and wonder they caused, and a passion for creating experiences that are shaped around individuals.

In the years Classy Frontiers has become a team of people who live and travel in Asia: we’re passionate about creating amazing trips and want to make you discover or rediscover places that feel unique, inspirational and surprising. We don’t rely on other people’s words. We suggest only the places we have been to and services we have tried ourselves.

Why choose us


Only the most beautiful places, pristine beaches, light powder snow ski trails, sailing cruises, jungle trekking…the limit is your imagination!


Experience the best of each place: colorful culture, delicious food, hidden trails, fanciest beach clubs…Classy Frontiers trips are designed to match your interests and passions, being it art, nature, culture & gastromy, sport & adventure. What is your dream trip?


Customer service is our most powerful competitive differentiator: we are passionate to make each trip an unfogettabel experience, strive to deliver beyond your expectations, and are always here to help, assist, and customize to make your travel unique and 100% for you

Year End Promo in El Nido

Enjoy amazing savings in January – March 2020 at Lio Tourism Estate, the first eco-masterplanned development in El Nido, Palawan.

Best Bespoke South East Asian Travel Specialist 2019

Classy Frontiers awarded as the Best Bespoke South East Asian Travel Specialist 2019 in the Global Hospitality Awards hosted by LUX Life

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