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Chinese National Holidays - A rush for flight tickets

Catch the flightOctober National Holidays in China celebrate the foundation of The People's Republic of China; it starts officially on October 1st, where parades are arranged in all biggest cities of the country. But many Chinese people and almost every expat living in China are taking this opportunity to enjoy a deserved vacation, being the period of National holidays about one week.
China is a huge country and, as every year, all buses, trains and flight tickets go fully booked well in advance, so it is advised to plan this vacation at least 3 months before the starting period. Late comers are always common in China, were business is always a priority over leisure, and flight tickets become more expensive when the holiday period approaches; they can even double the regular tariff.  Classy Frontiers team is doing its best to satisfy all requests. We suggest also those travelers planning a holiday during Christmas and New Year or during the Chinese New Year to book their flights at least 3 months in advance to find availability and reasonable prices.

Boracay PhilippinesMost common destination for holiday makers from China is South East Asia, with Thailand, Philippines, Bali and Malaysia the ideal place to unwind and relax by beautiful beaches, wonderful nature and easy going atmosphere. Weather in October can be a bit tricky, as the monsoons are still blowing and the pacific depression can also play the bad guy role. But a holiday after months of work is worth the risk to meet some rain. Usually the East Coast of Thailand, such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao experience better sea conditions than the West Coast, which is also still worth to try with a bit of luck. Malaysia features exactly the same weather as Thailand, better going on the East Coast. Bali is usually at the end of its high season, so chances of better weather are higher, but those expecting calm crystal waters will see their expectation denied; Bali is a cultural and natural destination, with nice nightlife on the beach, but the sea is nearly wavy all year long, which makes it a perfect place for surfing. Still, Indonesia might be also subjected to the East Pacific Depression in October and its typhoons, same as for the Philippines. At least Philippines represent the dream beach and sea everyone would expect to find. Mindoro, Boracay and Palawan are among the most popular choices.

Photo courtesy by photo artist ‘megakorean', all rights reserved. 
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