Beauty Within & Without | Ideal Weight at Kamalaya 

Koh Samui | 7 and 14 nights suggested stay
Kamalaya wellness retreat

Designed to help identify areas of physical imbalance and related emotional or mental patterns, this holiday retreat guides you towards achieving your optimal weight and maintaining you balance within and without. This is not a "fad" diet designed for rapid weight loss, but a healty lifestyle approach for long term weight management and improved wellbeing. Dietary recommendation and guidance froim holistic practicioners in nutrition, naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine are included, in addition to therapies such as Chi Nei Tsnag abdominal massage, acupunture and infrared sauna, along with Personal Fitness training.

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Relax and Renew at Kamalaya

Relax and Renew at Kamalaya Koh Samui

Koh Samui | 7 and 14 nights suggested stay

This program is designed for people in need of the time and place to step back from their life and recover balance, relax and renew their energy. Experience a range of therapies drawn from diverse healing tradition and a variety of holistic activities to de-stress, replenish depleted energy levels and boost the immune system. Ideal for people looking for a gentle, relaxing wellness holiday, this program can be associated, if wished, with complementary alternative medicine treatments and private sessions dependent upon individual needs.

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Love Yourself at RarinJinda Chiang Mai

Love Yourself at RarinJinda Chiang MaiChiang Mai | 7 nights suggested stay. 

Replenish your body & soul in lovely, green Chiang Mai, a city that offers lots in terms of professional Thai and Ayurvedic Spa treatments, and a place where you can enjoy relaxed evenings by the riverside listening to great live music bands.
Get a wellness break at the RarinJinda, a fantastic wellness retreat that blends modern equipments with traditional knowledge, approaching wellness with a scientific analysis and ancient remedies, all offered in an elegant environment. Enhance your stay with an early morning balloon flight over Chiang Mai rice fields: an unforgettable and breathtaking experience.

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Tours to wear:
Beauty Within & Without | Ideal Weight at Kamalaya (ref.WE 01)
Relax and Renew | Kamalaya Koh Samui (ref.WE 02)
Love Yourself at RarinJinda Chiang Mai (ref.WE 03)

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