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Yacht and Boats

Yacht and BoatsSouth-East Asia enchanting islands and archipelagos are famous worldwide and sought after destination among sea lovers and divers.
Are you looking forward to enjoying their amazing colors, scents and tastes but are not quite willing to deal with the hassle of taking makeshift boats?

We can craft private live-on-board trips on luxurious yachts or sailing boats to virtually untouched islands.

We can arrange 5 stars meals on a beach lighted only by the moon and the candles around your table.

We can bring you to snorkel and dive in the most crystal-clear waters you have ever seen.

A private yacht/boat give you the freedom to sail and stay wherever you want for as long as you want, without the hassle of checking on departure times and traveling on slow and crowded transports. Even better, a private on board trip crafted with the help of Classy Frontiers can get you to special locations, far away from mass tourism and from the crowd typical of the high season.

Yacht and BoatsWildlife lovers and adventure seekers alike will also be delighted by the opportunity to travel on a river cruise.

Following the Yangtze River up to Sichuan or the Mekong River from the Tibetan Plateau through China's Yunnan province, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam on a river yacht can really make the adventure of a life time.

Equally exciting can be trying the comfort and adventure of an exclusive flat bottom river cruise; able to float in just one feet of water, river yachts can sail through jungle rivers and reach destinations that are precluded to other type of boats.

You can choose to rent a boat for the duration you like, even just for a 1 day; 4-6 passengers yachts are the best solution for a quite and comfortable sailing trip; we can arrange overnight stay with chef and crew, with or without skipper.

See what we suggest in our travel to wear section. Renting a yacht is not much more expensive than staying in a luxury resort – why not travel in a non conventional, exciting but still very comfortable way?

If you would like to customize your sailing trip please contact us we will be happy to design a yacht/boat trip uniquely on your requests.

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