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HoneymoonersEven though travelling is very much part of our life today, the honeymoon still remains a dream travel for lovers. After all, it represents the beginning of the most exciting adventure of all: a whole life together.

But how to make a honeymoon special? Here's a Classy Frontiers receipe that we find perfect for the happy couple:

- The right choice of destination first.
Exotic, romantic, full of wonders...a place were you both can be pampered, amazed and engaged in activities that will make this time unforgettable.
And what destination could offer you more than Asia? Here you will find a variety of the most luxurious kind; a treasure trove of tropical islands, deep jungle and vibrant culture that cannot be beaten for your romantic getaway.

- Activities to do together.
To share exciting moments and get to enjoy common interests, as it will be from now as a married couple.
Sightseeing among the ruins of the ancient Siam capital city of Ayutthaya and back to Bangkok by a river cruise on a rice barge converted into a luxurious boat.
Visiting the biggest Asian metropolis to party, shopping and discover lifestyles and traditions.
Or going for the unusual activities; the adrenaline rush of bunging jumping together or cruising on a private boat through a river jungle.

- Romantic moments to celebrate the true beginning of your life together.
Watching the sunset on the ocean from the balcony of your sea-view villa, while drinking a bottle of sparkling wine; relaxing together in your private swimming pool; enjoying the romance and pure relax of spa treatments thought for two

- Special treats you won't normally allow yourself to;
The luxury of taking a sea-plane flight to a private island resort and all the extra attention to details that will make your honeymoon even more special.

Some travel the world seeking adventure. Others journey in search of the good life. Our philosophy is to offer you both, especially when planning the honeymoon of your dream.

At Classy Frontiers we love to design the perfect honeymoon to celebrate the beginning of your life together.
We will suggest you the best destination; we will propose you itineraries that balance exciting activities and private moments. And we will suggest you a range of extras that you can pick at wish.

Have a look at our travels to wear to get an idea of why Asia is the place to be for a honeymoon to remember. Or simply contact us - we would love to make this special time just perfect for you.

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