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Our ServiceWhen it comes to design the perfect trip, selecting a service provider might be complicated due to the large range of choices anyone can find on the internet before departure.

The problem is that you will never know if the suppliers chosen are reliable and offer the standards promised until you get to your destination and try the service yourself.

The risk of disappointment is very high.

Looking for a provider once on site can make you waste a lot of time in researches; even once you have made your choice, there is still no guarantee that your expectations will be satisfied.

Here is where Classy Frontiers can offer you an important added value.

We know you are a discerning traveler, not one of the mass.
We know you prefer an exclusive location, not a crowded meat-market.
We know you want a unique experience, not a standard itinerary.
We know you don’t simply aim to a luxury accommodation, but rather a special one.
We know you want the best in terms of services; your holiday time is precious.
We know you demand efficiency and high standards for your activities, not a slapdash job.

Provide all of this is Classy Frontiers specialty.

We don’t rely on other people’s words; in fact, we have tried ourselves each one of our suppliers.

Now it all begins from you.

Whether you are traveling to Asia for its beautiful beaches, for its thousand-year culture or for its worldwide known hospitality, we start by listening to you, to understand you passions and expectations so to find out what will make your perfect trip.

Every person is unique. So we believe that also every trip must be unique.

Be inspired by our choice of services and activities below.
Feel free to contact us to ask for more accordingly to your personal interests.
Just ask and we will make the selection for you.

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