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The Bay (Ao Phang-Nga)

Phang Nga BayThe Phang-Nga bay is nothing but spectacular. Imagine an area of 400 km² of turquoise water and limestone cliffs that look like darts shot out from the sky and you will have a glimpse of what to expect.

Geologists say the cliffs have been created 300 million of years ago by the collision of the Indian sub-continent with mainland Asia. Apparently, they were once part of a continuous land mass covered with hills and streams, a land that some 10.000 years ago made a walkable path between Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga. 

Nowadays, they reach heights of up to 300 meters and are covered with lush vegetation, home to a wide variety of tropical birds.
These amazing karst formations are not just background of a stunning panorama; they also host caves, collapsed cave systems (hong in thai, meaning room) that have generated open sky lakes, and archaeological sites.

Phang Nga ViewPhang-Nga’s most famous spots, namely the James Bond Island (Koh Ta Pu) and the Sea Gipsy Island (Koh Panyee) are undeniably beautiful but can also be packed with tourists, especially during the high season.

But if you know where to go Ao Phang Nga has much more to offer: deserted beaches and hidden caverns some of which reachable only by canoe and just when the tide is right; hidden realms rich of unspoiled flora and fauna surrounded by towering limestone walls. Amazing location for swimming, snorkelling and diving; and all the time and comforts to enjoy it all.

These are the places where the Classy Frontiers crew will bring you.

Indeed, Phang Nga Bay is a great place for boating since it's sheltered on the Northeast and the Southwest from the monsoon. This means that its waters are calm almost all year long, which adds to the appeal of its scenic wonders and abundant wildlife.

The bay is inhabited but for a few sporadic fishing villages and a few lovely resorts on some of the islands. The nature is wild and unspoiled as not much has changed here since a hundred years ago.
Few of the islands in Phang Nga Bay offer accommodation: a few boutique resorts, nestled on the bigger islands of the bay can make a nice solution for an overnight stay. Otherwise, travellers will find that staying on a private yacht can be a very nice and comfortable alternative.