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Phang-nga Mainland – Natural Parks

Phagn Nga WaterfallThe mainland of the PhangNga province is covered in large part by natural parks and wonders: the kneeling elephant shape mountain, Sah Nahng Manhora waterfalls and streams, and the numerous interconnected stalagmites and stalactites caves are just some famous example among them.

The parks, which go under different names accordingly to different jurisdictions, host many species of tropical plants and rare animals, such as the crab eating macaque monkeys and the giant lizards. Rare birds like the funny hornbills, the cute mangrove pitta, the kingfishers and the sea eagles also abound in the area.

Phang-nga also features some very nice hot springs; the ideal destination to relax for those who are not afraid of hot weather and water.

Ploughing through the rivers on bamboo rafts or canoes can be great way to experience the wonders of the Lam Ru Khao Lak National Park. Indeed, Phang-Nga province hosts many all-year-long waterfalls that make great rafting spots for the more adventurous visitors.

One of the best ways to enjoy the wildlife of the mangrove forest is to take a luxury river yacht - flat bottomed boats that can reach destinations inaccessible to other cruises. River yachts are suitable for both one and several days tours and are targeted for those looking for emotions and discovery with a soft landing at the end of every day.

Trekking tours are also an exciting way to visit this area. Stream, waterfalls, wild flora and fauna abound here and our expert guides know exactly where to lead you to better discover the forest. Khao Lam Pee - Hat Thai Muang Natural Park,

For instance, is crossed by numerous streams, canals and rivers turning in limpid waterfalls. Among these Kao Lumpi Fall plummets in a pool of cold clear water suitable for swimming – trekkers and visitors alike will enjoy a refreshing break to cool down the heat of the tropical jungle.

Khao Sok National ParkOvernight camping in the rainforest are possible in Khao Sok National Park or in the Earth Lodge, a nature style resort managed by the park . One to three days trip can make a great eco-adventure. In fact, Khao Sok National Park is rich of tropical flora and fauna - waterfalls, wild elephants, otters, monkeys, water buffalos, bears, leopards and nothing less then the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia that reaches over 80 cm in diameter.

Khao Sok National Park also hosts the Cheow Larn Lake - reporterdly the most beautiful lake in Thailand. This man-made lake is over 160 square kilometres wide and surrounded by mountains of over 1000 meters covered by dense rainforest. This is one of the best spots in the park and a beautiful viewpoint to admire the wildlife and flora, so rich in this area.

Sri Phang Nga Natual Park is located near the north border between Phang Nga and Ranong province, right besides the great Cheaw Larn Dam lake and the highest mountain of the province. It covers an area of 246 square kilometres patched by the most enchanted forest of Thailand. Sri Phang Nga is really out ofthe beaten track destination, not even mentioned by most popular guidebooks; a truly unforgettable trip in the remote gibbons land.

Thai Muang seaside area is the favourite place for Thailand’s sea turtles to nest their eggs. The place is also famous for the Turtle Release Festival that takes place every March during the first week of the month. During the festival, baby turtles raised by the Fisheries Department are released into the sea at Thai Muang Beach. This project has been started by the Fisheries Department ten years ago in order to sensitize people to the risk of extinction of this specie and it has now become a famous event worldwide to nature lovers and generally to all people concerned with the protection of this specie.