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Phang Nga the SimilansLess famous than neighbouring Phuket, Phan Nga province is a destination of outstanding beauty: pure white beaches, cascading waterfalls, spectacular primary forest, idyllic lagoons and wildlife.

Phang Nga MapKhao Lak National Park is home to some of the oldest primary forest in the world and is easily accessible while the Similan Islands Marine National Park, one of the top ten world dive sites, is less than an hour away by boat. Staying here is like a dream come true: you'll be able to enjoy the beauty and wilderness of Thai mountains...by the sea.
Many visit some of Phang Nga's attractions without even realizing where they are: if you have ever dived and snorkelled at Similan or Surin Islands, or if you have ever visited James Bond Island, it means you have been to Phang Nga.

Located on the South West coast of Thailand and connected to Phuket Island by the Sarasin Bridge, Phang Nga is mainly covered by rain forests, rubber trees and oil palm plantations big part of which is national park. 

Phang Nga BayPhang Nga Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its many dramatic limestone islands, impressive sheer rock formations that jut vertically out of the emerald green water. Mangrove forest border these spectacular islands, many of which are hollow inside. Only at lower tide and by canoes is possible to enter these caves, tunnels laced with stalactites, stalagmites and curtains of vines, that lead to lagoons of untouched nature hidden within.

Hundreds of kilometres of coast line are inhabited by local villagers and small towns arise sporadically. Beaches here still preserve the Robinson Crusoe feel, where you can walk for hours without meeting anybody but a few local vendors on strange equipped motorbikes looking for customers.

Khao Lak city is located on the coast and has developed a few high level hospitality structures, but the area still remain quiet and never crowded.

Phang Nga is a great destination both for wildlife discovery and for tranquillity seekers, or as a quiet base camp for the greatest diving of all South East Asia. Couples and families will find their idillic holiday here. 

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