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 Phi Phi

Phi Phi IslandThe Phi Phi Islands are among the most famous destinations in Thailand, if not in all South East Asia, and well in their right so. The islands have all the traits of a picture-perfect tropical paradise: limestone cliffs, coral reefs, crystalline waters, white beaches and lush jungle.

Discovered some two decades ago by adventurous backpacker and made internationally famous by the movie "The Beach", the Phi Phi Islands are breathtaking, even in a region of the world renowned for its stunning destinations.

However 20 years of development have changed deeply the islands appearance and especially the one of Phi Phi Don, the only island of the archipelago to be inhabited and offering accommodation. What until a few years ago was the Ton Sai Beach - a long sandy beach laid between two beautiful islands that created 2 azure bays - has become today a port, crowded with boats and debris. The once upon a time sandy isthmus that hosted a placid village of sea-gypsies (the Chao Ko or Island People) dotted with a scattering of few bungalows, is today a crowded and noisy tourist village with countless bars, restaurants, shops, hotels and everything that could appeal visitors.
Indeed after the tragic tsunami of 2004, private developers have taken an even stronger hold on the island, rebuilding and expanding its infrastructures in order to make it an affordable, world-class holiday destination.

Phi Phi IslandDespite the fast development the island has gone through and all the problems associated with it, there are still many reasons why the Phi Phi islands remain a stunning destination: besideds Phi Phi Don, the rest of the archipelago remains unmanned and untouched, if not for the boats heading there for day trips. On Phi Phi Don, between Ton Sai and the northern tip of the island, are a few lovely and peaceful beaches, accessible only by the sea and still as beautiful as 20 years ago. Here we have selected our favourite and only resort on Phi Phi Island, an exquisite luxury spots: the Phi Phi Island Village (get inspired by this travel to wear!). At a short boat ride away are some amazing snorkelling and diving spots, all the most appealing if visited in the afternoon when daily boat tours crowds are leaving.

All in all, Phi Phi offers choices to every taste, from the crowds and party atmosphere of the Ton Sai Beach to the peace and tranquillity of its northern beaches, lots in terms of nightlife, and natural attractions of stunning beauty - even if today you must know where to look to find them. If you have this edge you'd be sure to find Phi Phi a memorable and must-see destination.

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