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Mindoro Island & Puerto Galera

Beach Sunrise in puerto GaleraMindoro is a pristine island home to some of the most diverse marine ecosystem in the world. Located in Luzon, northeast of Palawan, the island is divided in two provinces by the High Rolling Mountains: Mindoro Oriental and Mindoro Occidental.

Mindoro Oriental is the touristy center of the island with Puerto Galera at its heart. This province enjoys some of the Philippines best landscapes and beaches: travellers can easily lie on powdery white sands in the morning before devoting the afternoon visiting mountain lairs, lakes, rivers, rain forests, wild animals, rare flora and fauna, or pocket communities of the existing ethnic groups.

Puerto Galera some of the activitiesPuerto Galera boasts a stunning natural harbour, splendid beaches, secluded coves, coral reefs, and exquisite dive sites. There are shallow coral gardens and plenty of colourful species to watch, like crabs, shrimps, sea anemones, moray, and trumpet fishes. Indeed, Puerto Galera is located right under the Verde Island Passage, the apex of the so-called Coral Triangle - the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia - which has the distinction of being the global center of marine biodiversity. Should you tire of the beach & sea, Puerto Galera is also home to the 423-foot Tamaraw Falls - a series of asymmetrical falls leading to a grand one, dropping to a frothy waterbed below. Wonderful trekking and sailing is also available in the area.

Just a stroll away from Puerto Galera is Sabang Beach, with lots of water sports to choose from, and a cluster of nightspots popular for evening socials. Beside Sabang Beach is Small La Laguna, with amazingly beautiful coral reefs, and water ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.
Southern down the Oriental coast, Alibatan Island in Baco serves as a breeding place for seagulls and turtles. Also in Baco is Mt. Halcon, the country's third highest peak and a favourite destination for nature lovers and mountain climbers.

For adventure seekers, Mindoro Occidental offers lots of unexplored spots, beautiful island hopping, hiking, mountain climbing, wonderful diving in pristine Apo Reef - but all with very little comforts: this part od the island is largely undeveloped.

Divers and nature lovers alike: stop looking. This is your dream destination.