Inside Track

Inside trackThe true value of every travel is to live experiences that amaze and delight, leaving home confident about the place you are going to visit.

Whatever your travel would be, and careless of how much or less you plan with us, we make sure that you have the best options at your disposal to enjoy Asia in every single moment.

We are devoted to find the most delicious restaurants, the funkiest bars, the most luxurious spas, the whitest beaches; in short, to get to know the locations and facilities that make Asia a continent that never stop entertain its visitors (and that traditional travel agencies or guides won’t know about).

The inside track means knowing the destinations that have yet to be discovered by the masses, spotting the current ‘IN’ places and ways to really get you under the skin of each location.

This is why a Classy Frontiers trip is truly unforgettable: we not only design unique travel experiences but also get you the insights and knowledge to choose best for what you have not planned with us.

How do you get our signature inside track?
After your booking confirmation and payment, Classy Frontiers will send you a gift box for your selected travel: a USB key containing all the information about your scheduled trip, the in and out of the areas you are going to visit and our special tips about the facilities and entertainment opportunities for your free time.
To keep such info always with you during your stay, you will also find a paper pocket mini guide.

An important additional service at your arrival: we will lend each guest a mobile phone with a local SIM card, charged with a reasonable traffic and several useful numbers already saved in its memory. Whether you need to contact your travel companions or to make an emergency call, you will always be reachable and have the right numbers to call.
You can return the mobile and the SIM at your latest check out counter.

We will also provide you with special gifts at your arrival, useful during your stay and fancy memories of your trip after you’ll be back to your country.

And should the unexpected occur we are on call 24 hours a day to help you.

Should you have any special interest or need additional services and information, we can prepare a customized inside track agenda to suit your own tastes and interests.

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