About us

Classy Frontiers is a product of Oriental Passage Ltd., a Trading, Consulting and Investment Company based in Hong Kong, active worldwide and registered with a Representative Office in Shanghai.

The idea to promote a travel consultancy providing upscale arrangements for discerning travelers rose in June 2008, consequently to the umpteenth difficulty the founder encountered in arranging a business travel and meeting in a remote area of Asia.

He realized that there weren’t travel agencies good enough to suggest inside tracks in such countries; those active in remote areas of Asia were specialized in providing flight tickets and hotel bookings only. Once on site, he always felt lost and most of times the suggestions he got were wrong and the hotels he booked were not as good as expected.

Talking to other leisure and business travelers he found out they had the same problems too. These travelers complained that they had to spend a lot of time to search information on the web or to look for local English magazines and that the insights thus gathered where often outdated or not useful to their own needs. A company providing added value travel arrangements for demanding people having own personal requests was missing.

Thus, he decided to set up a team dedicated to provide top level travel assistance in terms of service and customization, able to put together the latest information about local structures and facilities thanks to a premium knowledge of the territory involved.

Our mission

Classy Frontiers is devoted to dig up only the best of each country.

Whatever the reason of a travel might be – business, leisure or both - our mission is to turn your journey into a travel experience of unsurpassed authenticity and comfort.

We pride ourselves on crafting classy and personalized itineraries.

Thanks to exhaustive research, we find out the best solutions for our customers’ needs and preferences. We suggest the best accommodations, tastier restaurant and coolest bars - in short all the most “IN” amenities of the area that guidebooks and traditional travel agencies won’t know about.

We don’t rely on other people’s word. We suggest only the places we have been to and have tried ourselves.

Our team knowledge and expertise result from an extensive background in hospitality management and business events planning. We are dedicated to realize corporate outings that are perfect in every single detail and will not disappoint even the most demanding company.

If all of this sounds like what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us or to build your  personalized travel with us.

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